Trader Joe’s, you are my pal.

I have an unholy addiction to potstickers.  Yeah, I said it.  They are just delicious, and I could eat them daily.  And sometimes do.  They do not have to be handmade, as that is a pain in the ass, but they do need to be yummy.  And I am vague on my qualifications for yummy, since I LOVE these damn things.

Sam’s Club sells a million pack of these, in little trays that allow you to make 4 (read 1) servings at a time, but going to Sam’s is troublesome to me–I have to pay for the privilege of buying A LOT of stuff, which is counter-intuitive to me.  Plus, I always wind up buying an 80 pack of Sharpies, a huge bottle of a random vitamin, and more produce than any tribe of mine (i.e. 2 people) can consume before “the rot” sets in.  Ooh, and they have cheap books!  And ginormous packs of tupperware, in which I can store 30 pounds of blueberries!  But, I digress.

Trader Joe’s, that mecca of all things vaguely healthy, with 2-Buck Chuck (wine?  with a cork?  for $2?  Genius!) and precious reusable tote bags, has potstickers that are straight from frozen food heaven.  They cook in about 5 minutes, with crispy bottoms and steamy, glorious fillings, and are surprisingly affordable, given that they come in packs of around 20, rather than a million.

Even the potsticking hater that is the LOML steals these from my plate, no matter how many jabs he receives from my chopsticks.  Trader Joe (I call him by his name, ’cause we are BFFs and all…) also sells little Chicken Cilantro wontons that are amazing in a quick soup.  Try it.  Seriously.  Now.

You won’t regret it!


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