Blue Suede Shoes.

The LOML is the World’s Biggest Elvis Fan.  We have visited Graceland 3 (4?) times in the not-quite 3 years that we have been a couple.  We listen to Elvis music NON-STOP as we drive the 6 hours from Atlanta to Memphis.  There are framed Elvis posters in the home that I will call mine after marriage, and YES, I purchased and framed one of said posters.

I drink from the occasional Elvis mug, and we have a Christmas Graceland to “grace” (heheheh) the home during the holiday season.  I recognize the ’68 Comeback Special DVD jokes at a hundred paces, and must confess that the charm of the King has rubbed off on me.  I can sing an Elvis tune in perfect harmony, have exercised my amateur photography skills detailing the minutiae of Graceland, and don’t bitch when Clambake is on TCM.

So obviously, I wanted to get married in blue suede shoes.  Now,  I am wearing a gown to this sucker, as I am a princess (with a lack of crown and castle-like real estate.  FOR NOW.) of the highest order.  But I wanted a touch of whimsy, and blue-suede-Elvis-lovin’ heels seemed to be the thing.  Problem:  My feet are shaped like tiny diver’s flippers:  a perfect size 7 triangle, which makes shoe shopping a misery.  Wide feet are a designer’s bane, and my desire to trip about in Manolos and Choos is restricted less by my (teacher’s salary) budget, and more by the fact that these mavens want nothing to do with Flipper-Feet.

And yet…I found them.  Blue, suede, HIGH heeled, ankle strappy, with a ruffle narrowing my wide foot.  It was a no-brainer.  I hope.  My devoted mother bought these for me on MOTHER’S DAY of all days, with no qualms… I think she must be a shoe-bearing saint.  Pray for me, as I have not tried them with the dress…and I HATE the back-up, champagne-colored, low heeled, satin nightmares that are the other choice.

Let me get married in Blue Suede…


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