First Time, US

Welcome to my blog!  I must say, I find it a bit disconcerting that I am “just another blog” according to the tagline on this sucker, and I hope to prove myself to be a little better than that.  (Please tell me that…I’m feeling vulnerable.  Poo.)

I am a woman of multiple facets, many of which I apparently need to share with the Internet at large.  I am…  well…

1.  A Bride-to-Be:  Yet not a Bridezilla (I think?!) …though I am facing TWO weddings within the next six months–an “American” (read: Christian-esque) traditional-for-me wedding in 6 weeks, and a wedding in the Indian tradition of the LOML (love o’ my life-naturally) in the fall.  You know how wedding planning makes you nuts?!  And makes you want to kick folk in the facial areas when specific varieties of magical floating candles are not readily available?!  Of course you do!  Now, magnify this by 2 gatrillion, and you get the stress of knowing that after you pull off ONE wedding, you have to…um, fly 50,000 miles and complete another one.  In a frightening abs-baring variety of dress.  At which (at times) you may have to speak a language in which you know only how to curse and insult others.  (Hey, I’m learning…from road rage!)  Imagine…

2.  A Teacher:  Of the HIGH SCHOOL variety.  As in, American teens, ranging from 14 years old to Dear-God-shouldn’t you have a Bachelor’s-by-now-age?!  My students are the lights of my life, and the reason I am *slightly* batshit crazy.  It’s a vicious battle between enlightenment and ass-kicking each and every day.  I love it.  Did I mention that I teach Literature?  In a Southern State?  In a Conservative County?  (In my experience, Conservative County = disciplining students for “dip bottles,” otherwise known as GRODY-ASS soda bottles used for the spit-receiving of tobacco sucking students.  It is exactly as disgusting as it sounds.)  I used to teach in a Liberal County:  Better quality of fights, but also a helluva lot of technology and grant money.  Liberals adore grant-writing.  (And possibly smoking their tobacco?  Never took up a Mountain Dew bottle filled with drool and “dip flakes” in my urban schools…)

3.  A Coach:  Of various sports, including the much-maligned Competitive Cheerleading (IT’S A SPORT:  DON’T HATE.) and Tennis.  A genteel sport at which I suck.  Yet I know the rules and fundamentals, so I became coach.  Huh.

While clearly there are other roles that I play, for the foreseeable future, that’s me.  I am finishing my 7th year in the classroom this week, wrapped up my tennis season last night with a banquet that made my heart tighten up (saying farewell to my seniors…WAH!), and came home to admire my favor boxes.  (Shiny red Chinese take-out boxes…BadASS, no?)


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