Yay!  I started a blog!
And then I had to throw up!
And I am not in any way qualified as drunk!

(Which is a crying shame, given that it is a lovely early morning in May–in college, I would have been heading home now, make-up intact and cute-girl sundress fluttering in my wake…because IheartPaneer had fun, but wasn’t THAT GIRL, for God’s sake!)

But.  I am frighteningly sober, having failed to imbibe at a school function (BORING, no?  Yet adherent to the pretty reasonable drinking bylaws for teachers:  read–DON’T!) and have since watched the unfortunate remains of a sadly made Veggie Lasagna disappear into an unknown place in the Great Sewer Beyond.  I am sleepless, barfy, and in pain.  Why?  Because I CLEARLY need to be absent with 3 days to go in the school year.  Btw?  Substitute teachers will respond at 2:30 am to your cries for help…with rejection.

Note to the proprietors of the restaurant that hosted ye ol’ banquet… Frozen mixed veg (including LIMA BEANS) is never an acceptable addition to a veggie lasagna.  Just.  NO.  The fact that I have to point this out (especially given the charming European accent of the restaurant owner) saddens me.  Greatly.  And I may have to get sick again…not on principle (which I am entitled to, DUH) but because something is rotten in small-southern-town-Denmark…


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